Choosing the right therapist can be difficult especially if you have never had counselling before. 

I understand that and would like to encourage you to make the right choice for yourself. It is usually a felt sense, that visceral experience that helps you to choose well, follow that and you will make a sensible decision. 

To make it easier I offer you a free consultation over the phone, so you can get the first impression of who I am, what I do and we can briefly talk about our work together.


Following that, if you decide to make an appointment we will arrange a day and time suitable for both of us for regular sessions.  

Consistency is important. Seeing me on a weekly basis will give you more benefits. Inconsistency, on the other hand, will not provide improvement and you will lose time and money. So please bear it in mind.


In the first session, we will talk about you and your needs from counselling, and how I can assist you in order to meet those needs. I will always make sure you feel safe and comfortable with my work. Therefore I will regularly review the progress.  

I will also offer you an informed agreement that protects both of us legally and ethically. As a Member of the professional body British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I am eligible to protect your confidentiality, however, in life-threatening circumstances, safeguarding, or legal requirements I may ask for your written consent or be required to breach confidentiality.