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Developing Congruence Through Dance of Awareness

Developing Congruence Through Dance of Awareness is a movement workshop designated for counselling students as well as students of other similar courses wishing to improve integration with the body and mind, improve emphatic sense, self-awareness and self -acceptance. So if you are student that works therapeutically with people this is FOR YOU :)

This workshop has been created after completing the course of Dance of Awareness in Brighton, provided by The School of Embodied Therapy. You can find more information here

I am a mind and body counsellor and Dance of Awareness practitioner, and I must say that work with my body in relation to my mind improves greatly my counselling sessions, I feel more integrated, more congruent and attentive with the client. Thanks to regular participation my body feels fluid and responsive to internal and external impulses.

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn how to listen to the body and respond for impulses that comes from "here and now". It encourages creativity and playfulness as well as attention to breath, body language and non- verbal communication.

Working as a therapist, coach or counsellor requires deeper understanding of the processes that happens between the therapist and the client. Sometimes eye contact, silence or simple shake hand can cause discomfort. The therapist should be able to respond for contact with the client as congruent as possible. By regular participation to this workshop you can feel more relaxed, integrated and comfortable with "the unknown".

Groups can have max 6 people, mats, blankets and pillows provided, gentle, therapeutic music, as well as encouraging to creativity, joy, and group work, safe, welcoming and friendly environment, confidentiality.

I run 2h workshops and long day workshop with deeper exploration and more broad work with body and mind.

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