• Justyna Isobel Matejek

What is BodyMind Counselling "BMC" and why it is holistic therapeutic approach.

BodyMind Counselling seems to be a new method for many people, however, working with mind and the body has been known for a long time. Carl Rogers said that we have been brought up as intellectual beings, gradually getting more away from our feelings, emotions, sensations; listening to the mind and shutting down the somatic part of the self. Often such existence becomes two separate elements living in a conflict. I am sure you came across to thinking that you do something but deep down there you feel uncomfortable about it rationalising the reasons for doing it.

BodyMind Counselling is a process in which client has a chance to connect those two elements while exploring the concern they initially brought to the room. If they have anxiety, the counsellor, and the client will not only use the mind to notice the anxiety and it manifests, but also will look at the body, and how can help the body to heal from anxiety. The truth is that the more work the client put in the body the more the mind will heal. It is very simple. BodyMind Counselling looks at the client holistically. The counsellor pays attention to every aspect of the self and helps to increase the self-awareness, which in results build self-confidence and empowers the client. BodyMind Counselling can be the useful method for healing from trauma. The counsellor supports the process through fostering safe and non-judgemental place in which the client can re-connect with the felt sense in the body while being present in sharing and observing their experience.

BodyMind Counselling can only brings benefits and leads towards more fulfilling existence, leaving the client with an increased sense of self, confidence, greater self-esteem, managing somatic manifestation of anxiety and depression, helping in self-acceptance and problems with body image. Reaching for BodyMind Counselling is the first step for long-term positive change.

I am a BodyMind Counsellor, holding a broad knowledge and experience in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology, body psychotherapy and dance and movement therapy. Registered in professional body British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, working under Ethical Frame of Work and regular supervision.

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