• Justyna Isobel Matejek

Do you love Art? Counselling in Colchester Art Gallery

I always considered myself as a creative person, open to the world and self-discovery. As a counsellor, I have found such grateful counselling space and most importantly related to my nature. ...

So if you love art, in different forms, I hope this space can be inspirational and soothing for your soul. As it is for mine. Sometimes is difficult to describe in words what is happening in our mind and body when we feel depression or anxiety. Perhaps colours on the painting, or shapes of the figure, sharp edges and round smudges can relate to your feelings. Counselling sessions are indeed special here. The big glass window and huge abstract paintings on the wall, as well as very spacious place itself, give a space to breathe and to feel connected with the art, the people and definitely flowing uniqueness and self-expression, which is what we are learning for the whole life- That we are unique individuals with unique qualities, that are valuable for the world we are living in. Each of us has something to offer, something unique and special.

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