• Justyna Isobel Matejek

Dance of Awareness™ (DoA) Women Group

I am excited and looking forward to running Dance of Awareness group for Women in Autumn! I love when we gather together and share experiences, support each other and provide a confidential, safe and nurturing environment. Always, I feel stronger and more attuned to myself. This nurturing and safe environment is required for us to come back and reunion with the body. DoA is based on the concept of non-dualism, which to me means bringing my disintegrated self together, my mind and body that is continuously separated by Western culture. In Advaita Vedanta philosophy non-dualism is the true self, pure existence, a unity in multiplicity. Here in DoA, we are unifying both the mind and the body. "Whatever emerges into awareness may be given shape, take form, and find expression in movement" ( DoA Theory and Practice, 2012)

DoA is not only a healing process. To me, it is a physical expression. As a dancer, I find DoA most rewarding form of dance as a discipline. One of my favourite dance teachers Ohad Naharin teaches dancers to listen to the body. His approach deciphers dance as a process of listening "What is unique about Gaga is the demand to listen to our body before we tell it what to do and the understanding that we must go beyond the familiar limits on a daily basis." In DoA I must listen to my body. Through the 6 phases of DoA, I connect to different parts of myself and go beyond the familiar limits. I listen and learn about myself. DoA is a process that fosters emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical and social integration and development. Our body loves to dance and move, and our body is a fuel to live and love, integrated and energised to embody our emotions, to hold and to carry the womanhood.

find more about Dance of Awareness here:

I am aiming to run DoA Woman Group once a month. Usually around 7pm. This group will last for around 2 hours, cost £10, concession £8

Dates to be confirmed soon. :)

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