• Justyna Isobel Matejek

Friday the 12th of October 7pm-9pm! Dance of Awareness Women Group

Friday the 12th of October at the Tree Room, 12 Trinity Street, CO1 2JR,

Moving, dancing, breathing, connecting with body and mind in a supportive and friendly space.

The session starts from gentle warm up, opening circle and check in with each other . We will be moving through 6 DoA phases: sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and completing. The energetic wave will allow you to move through different parts of your self.

DoA is about dancing your self, giving a shape to your inner and outer being, allowing the mind to follow the body in a beautiful self-exploratory dance.

Wear comfy, light clothes. Bring bottle of water.

book a space by simply emailing me on or call 07397688397

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