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It has been a while...

It has been a while since I have written here, yet it does not mean I was not productive. I have started a new position at Colchester Institute, became a Lead of L3 Counselling Skills. I love teaching. Alongside with my therapeutic practice, I have been lecturing, managing my time and energy, quite clumsily. I have done a couple of dance and art projects, and kind of retreated to a daily routine to manage my energy levels during cold seasons. I have done so so, couldn't say great, but I was very proud of myself at the end of the academic year. I have accomplished a great challenge. It has been up and down and I had to bring all my resources to be able to hold my feet on the ground. Insecurities, anxieties, judgments....mind could cause suffering. But I knew what I can do for myself and I kept reminding myself to see how much love and support is around me. One thing I would like to share here, something that is always coming back to me, reoccurring. The truer to myself I am, connected, listening to my own body, and honest with myself and others, the more I achieve, in terms of connections, love and friendship, and professional successes. I believe that honoring your own feelings, emotions and vulnerability bring inner peace, no matter how tough life is. Life is always tough. Buddhists say that life is suffering, I agree, and to me, all the learning comes from the need for understanding and coping with the suffering. The outcomes of this learning are worth every minute of suffering. It is profound. The more I challenge my judgments and anxieties, the more I win through my failures. Cos in moments when I am not in control, vulnerable and exposed to judgments, I release my protective armor and gracefully own my imperfections. Acceptance, compassionate, and open attitude to life and people, fewer judgments, honoring every human being, even if I dislike someone I will honor their presence, and learn from this experience; as from Tao te Ching "What is a good man but a bad man's teacher? What is a bad man but a good man's job?" I try not to fall into separation.

It has been a while... This year`s focus on dance, movement, and music.

Lastly adding a shout out- Dance of Awareness for Women and gentle bodywork and healing sounds sessions- this will all start in September!

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