• Justyna Isobel Matejek

DoA Women on Friday 31st on January 2020 7pm-9pm!

Good Saturday, Women!

It has been a while since our last workshop... I must say that the end of the year was tough. Having constantly cough and cold, made me very weak and lack of energy, I could only keep resting. But here I am back on track (..I hope this cold/ flu won`t be back!..), and I can`t wait to run another DoA workshop in January!

Just few words about the last one in November.

It was beautiful...My heart was hot and red from the love and gratitude I felt after dancing and guiding you. It filled my heart and my soul was dancing. Words were not enough to express my feelings. I am learning.. and this journey is really magical, and gives me strength to keep moving in today world`s chaos.

Thank you for being there.

I am going to run another DoA workshop in 31st of January, 7pm-9pm, at The Tree Room, so spread the word and book in advance!

A few more info:

Mats, pillows, cushions provided.

There is a kitchen with access to water, bring a bottle anyway.

comfy clothes, there will be floor work exercises, and sweat ;)

arrive on time, however if you late just enter quietly and join the group.

bring minimum £5 donation

any questions just email me on: or FB Justyna Isobel Matejek

DoA Woman FB

phone 07397688397

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